Women in Spotlight: Featured Artists for Women's Month

(Words & Illustrations by Labyu Majora

As a women-led creative community, it is no surprise that we have a predominantly-women roster of artists. To celebrate Women's Month, we asked 5 women artists from Manila Artpost to share a few things about their creative practice. 


Kat Reyes of Elementari

Meet Kat, the creative genius behind the custom handmade jewelry line Elementari, and our first featured woman artist of the month. 



"I create for myself, and if my work resonates with people or brands and helps them in their own expression, Cool. Thank U, Pay Me. Pay me and pay it forward in your capacity." 


On the important role of women in the creative industry

Kat explains, "For any industry to thrive, its output needs to resonate with consumers. Creators pull from experiences, and obviously, there are experiences that are unique to women (as there are to whatever gender you identify as), so women are absolutely necessary to be able to create things and tell stories that connect with other women."


You can follow Kat's work & her shop on Facebook and Instagram.



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