"Weirdly! Relatable! Content" EP
"Weirdly! Relatable! Content" EP

"Weirdly! Relatable! Content" EP

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“Weirdly! Relatable! Content!” eschews all the musical progress from the band’s second record (2016’s “The Double-Sided Sophomore Slump”) and brings back that old and tired Geeks formula  sappy, four-chord songs about loneliness.

About the Artist: A bum slacker band from Quezon City, The Geeks are Brian Sangco, Nigel Cristobal, Jam Lorenzo and Mags. You can follow them on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter and Spotify.

1. I Hate This Place as Much as Liz Hates the Winchester
2. Janice, This Hurts!
3. You Don't Wanna Know
4. Waking Up from a Coma
5. Hello, Coolio (Tru Feelings)
6. I Don't Feel Anything

Copyright 2018 by The Geeks
All songs written and performed by the Geeks
Recorded at Redverb Studio
Produced by: RJ Mabilin and the Geeks
Mixed and Mastered by: RJ Mabilin
Art Direction and Album Design by: Hulyen

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